How to apply for a SCAC code?

How to apply for a SCAC code?

You may apply for a SCAC code online.  There is a $84 USD fee payable to the NMFTA. 
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    • Do I need to file section 321 shipments in ACE if I'm driving commercial shipments across the border in my car?

      Yes, you do.  As of January 1st, 2019 all low-value shipments must be manifested in ACE.  If you don't have a SCAC code you must also apply for a SCAC code from the NMFTA. 
    • Can a CFS nominate their FIRMS code on a HAWB?

      Self-nomination is not allowed.  ACE will accept it but it is not allowed.  Any CFS found doing self-nomination will be deactivated by CBP.
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