What is a CBSA Deconsolidation Notice?

What is a CBSA Deconsolidation Notice?

The deconsolidation notice is now available to freight forwarders utilizing the eManifest Portal as well as clients using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The deconsolidation notice is an electronic notice sent from the CBSA to inform clients (freight forwarders, warehouse operators, terminal operators and carriers) that the CBSA has authorized the transfer of cargo control from a consolidated shipment to the related individual house bills that were submitted by a freight forwarder.

The deconsolidation notice serves as electronic notification to the warehouse or the terminal operator allows the bonded freight forwarder to move in-bond goods within the consolidation. This notice also serves as electronic notification to the party liable for duties and taxes that the cargo document that is being deconsolidated (the consolidated primary cargo or consolidated house bill document) is acquitted.

Freight forwarders must ensure that for single shipments (back to back shipments), the shipment is released by the CBSA prior to picking up the shipment from the warehouse.

If the CBSA issues a Risk Assessment Notice indicating a “HOLD” has been placed on a shipment, the freight forwarder must ensure that the hold has been removed prior to removing the shipment from the warehouse, even if a deconsolidation notice has been transmitted by the CBSA.

The deconsolidation notice is currently an optional notice which various parties (carriers, freight forwarders, terminals and warehouse operators) must register to receive. The CBSA strongly encourages all parties to register to receive the deconsolidation notice as this will enable a smoother transition to the electronic transmission of house bills for freight forwarders as well as reducing the paper burden on all parties involved in the transportation and cargo control process.